Foster Care

Foster Care is a temporary option for children who are not able to live with their birth families due to a range of different circumstances. The ultimate goal of Foster Care is to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home environment for children until such time that they can be reunited with their family, or until such time that other suitable long term living arrangements can be made.

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 Interested in becoming a Foster Parent? 

Please contact a member of the Foster Care team at 627-0748 ext. 2012, 2132 or 2138, to discuss if Foster Care is right for you.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Download Foster Care Information Booklet here

1. What happens after I submit the application and all supporting documents?

The Children’s Authority begins to review and verify the information and documents submitted with the application form. This will be followed by any necessary investigations, which include background checks of the adult members of the household, in-depth interviews and home assessments. Once this stage is completed, the applicant will undergo all necessary training. After this, the Board of Management of the Children’s Authority must give final approval before the applicant can be placed on the Register of approved Foster Care providers.

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2. What qualities are required to become a Foster Parent?

Foster Parents need to have the desire to love and parent a child, the ability to nurture, have an understanding of children, have patience and flexibility, the ability to provide a safe and stable home, and to provide daily care for children with diverse life experiences and needs. 

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3. How long will a child stay with me?

The duration of the child’s stay will be dependent on the needs of the child, and this will be determined through the assessment process done by the Children’s Authority. However, both short term and long term placement options are available. The intention of Foster Care is to have the child reunited with their family where appropriate, possible or in the best interest of the child or until other suitable long term living arrangements can be made.

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4. Do Foster Parents have a choice about which children they want to foster?

At the time of assessing the suitability of a foster parent, discussions will be held with the foster parent on the age and gender of the children they have a preference in fostering. We will try to match the child’s needs with foster parents strengths as best as possible.

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5. If children are placed in foster care, are parents allowed to visit?

Yes. If the Court determines that parental visits will not be harmful to the child, then parents may be allowed supervised or unsupervised visits. As a foster parent you will be advised by the Children’s Authority when and how to encourage and facilitate communication between a foster child in your care and his/her biological family. However, the location of the foster home will not be disclosed to the birth parents/relative, therefore access to the home of a foster parent will not be allowed.

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6. What kind of support will foster parents receive from the Children’s Authority?

Over time the Children’s Authority will aim to provide ongoing support to all foster parents in the form of supervision, monitoring, training, counselling, peer support groups and an online library.

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