Children Displaying Challenging Behaviour

child02Children displaying challenging behaviours are a specialised group requiring targeted interventions. Accordingly, the Authority will offer preventative services which seek to address the underlying issues that may be contributing to the problematic behaviours.  This will enable the child and family to begin resolving the challenges which may exist in their relationship.  The Authority hopes to address not only the challenges of the child but also those that exist in the child’s family environment.  The overarching aim is to address the core issues before a child is brought before the Court and ends up being removed from the family setting.

The Authority proposes that the following interventions be implemented as a first course of action when treating with the child and family:


Pre-Intervention Methods

  • Risk Assessment Tool- Research has shown that the use of a risk assessment tool is an ideal method to identify the issues in a child’s life that need to be addressed in order to facilitate behavioural change.
  • Case Conference- After the administration of the risk assessment tool, a case conference will be held with a multi-disciplinary team from the Authority to determine the best way forward for the child and family. This may include referrals to agencies that can target the specific areas of risk.


Intervention Programmes

  • Mentorship- In partnership with other agencies, the Authority will refer children to mentorship programmes which have proven to be useful in facilitating behavioral change.
  • Family Team Conferencing- the Authority will offer families the option of meeting as a group to decide the way forward for the child. This is an effective way to get family members involved in the decision making process to determine the best course of action for their child.